The process can be summarized into 5 key steps. This is a simplified version of the process and we can help you with preparing to fund your first deal. Rather than provide information that would mislead, confuse, or quickly become outdated; we encourage you to Contact us to learn more about the process and be taken through a deal example.

Please ensure to additionally read about How to Become a Private Lender to fully understand this investment opportunity.


  1. Prepare Your Capital – You need to have your capital available to lend out. This involves some of the following: liquidating assets, opening bank accounts, opening lines of credit, and/or opening self-directed registered accounts (RRSPs, RRIFs, RESPs) and TFSAs.
  2. Receive and Review Opportunities – Based on your lending criteria you will be sent opportunities that we have pre-negotiated, packaged, and performed our own due diligence on. We follow a process similar to wholesaling. All lenders are encouraged to use the 5 C’s of Credit as a framework to objectively determine creditworthiness. There are several documents you will receive for review.
    • Lender Disclosure (Includes a Deal Summary, recommendations, and accepted offer.)
    • 3rd Party Appraisal – From a licensed real estate appraisal professional (includes estimated “As Is” market value, interior pictures, measurements, comparable listings, and comments from the appraiser.)
    • Complete Application
    • Equifax Credit Reports
    • Offer to Purchase and All Related Documents (If Applicable)
    • Current or Historical Land Title (Recent copy) and Property Tax Certificate/Roll
    • All Property Related Documents (If Applicable) (For investment, rural, construction, and commercial properties.)
    • Information on First and Second Mortgages, Caveats, Liens, Etc.
    • Account Statements (If Applicable) (For all debts lender would like paid off.)
    • Valid ID from All Applicants
    • Income Documents
      • Full/Part Time & Salaried Employees
        • Letter of Employment, Two Recent Paystubs (Less than 60 days old.), Etc.
      • Self Employed
        • Notice of Assessment, T1 General, Financial Statements, 3-12 Months Bank Statements, Etc.
    • *Any other special documents as required to ensure lenders interests are protected.
  3. Approve Opportunities – Once you understand the opportunity you can choose to approve, decline, or request an amendment.
  4. Instruct to Lawyers – You or I will instruct the lawyer of your choice to perform all due diligence, prepare all the formal paperwork to register the mortgage, transfer/disburse the funds, and perform any other actions as requested.
  5. Start Earning, Sit Back, and Relax – Once funded, a Mortgage Registration Package will be sent to you from your lawyer containing all the legal paperwork and borrower payment information. Typically, borrowers will either pay through post dated cheques or a PAD agreement.

Ready to invest? Contact us, we look forward to investing with you!