We are a team of direct lenders and mortgage brokers with more than 20 years of experience investing our own funds into private mortgages and real estate across Canada. Our team has helped hundreds of borrower, lenders, and brokers funds millions of dollars worth of private mortgages and loans.


Private Lender Inc., we listen with interest.


Private Lender Inc. is dedicated to creating exceptional value for its borrowers, lenders, brokers and communities.


Private Lender Inc. values discipline, integrity, simplicity, teamwork, and transparency.


President, Private Lender Inc. / MortgagePro Ltd.

Zoltan M. (a.k.a. Zoli, Zoltan Sr.) began his entrepreneurial career in private lending as an automobile salesperson throughout the 1990’s. His company, Trustworthy Auto Sales Ltd., offered in-house private financing and quickly grew to multiple locations. As the energy industry grew in Alberta, he started developing an interest in real estate investing and purchased multiple rental properties. Zoli’s interest in investing continued to grow and he tried every possible real estate investment strategy he could. Eventually, he focused on private lending and realized his true potential, mortgage brokering. Licensed as a mortgage associate in 2001, he quickly learned the industry, grew passionate for private lending, and enjoyed helping his clients succeed. After only 2 years he opened his own mortgage brokerage. He has been the proud broker of MortgagePro Ltd. since 2003.


Vice President, Private Lender Inc. / MortgagePro Ltd.

Zoltan J. (a.k.a. Zoltan Jr.) has been surrounded by real estate investing for as long as he can remember. While attending the University of Alberta in Edmonton his father required his help in managing a property in Edmonton. Satisfied with the outcome, his father saw his potential, and asked him to join the brokerage. He quickly obtained his mortgage licence so he could spend his Summer/Spring semester learning from one of the best in private mortgages. Zoltan realized the need for the company to grow and quickly obtained his real estate licence as well to further benefit the brokerage’s clients. After finishing his university studies and obtaining a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in International Business and minoring in Marketing, he joined his father full time in 2016.

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