We provide investors with opportunities to lend across Canada. Our goal is to safely grow your portfolio.


Private Lender Inc. offers individual private investors and companies with opportunities to invest in residential, commercial, and rural mortgages. By keeping the process simple and easy to understand; our investors can maintain a higher level of control and returns. We provide financing to purchase, refinance, construction, renovation, equity take-out, debt-consolidation, and more. We evaluate and perform our own due diligence on every application that is submitted to us before presenting a comprehensive package to our investors. We have more than 25 years of experience investing our own funds into private mortgages and have brokered hundreds of private mortgage with investors across Canada. Our focus is on secure investments that generate consistent returns.

  • Canadian real estate
  • First, second, and third mortgages
  • $20,000 minimum up to $2,000,000 or more
  • Full control and experienced support
  • Consistent return on passive income
  • Monthly income RRSP, RRIF, RESP, TFSA eligible
  • Diversified opportunities
  • Secured to title on every application
  • Third party appraisal on every application
  • Equifax credit report on every application
  • Lawyer reviewed on every application
  • Property and title insurance on every application

The success of our private investors is what keeps us in business. You will only receive investment opportunities that we believe in and that we would otherwise fund ourselves. We represent the investor in every transaction for the full term of the loan! 


Private Lender Inc. provides direct loans secured to residential, commercial, and rural real estate across Canada.

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  • Secure Investments – Your investment is collateralized by the property and registered as a mortgage directly at the provincial Land Title Office by your lawyer. This process is identical to the bank. The owner cannot sell or refinance without your permission. Each deal includes a third-party appraisal, Equifax credit report, property and title insurance, and review by your lawyer. All funds are strictly handled In Trust by your lawyer, we never hold it.
  • Control – One-on-one funding. We are not a MIC or Syndicator. You choose your mortgages, set the rules, and make the decisions.
  • Tax Advantages – Using your TFSA or registered account (such as an RRSP, RRIF, RESP) your investment income is tax-deferred or tax-free. (Arm’s-length transactions only.)
  • Superior Return on Investment (ROI) – Earn 6% – 16%+ ROI/year compared to 0.5% – 3% on Bonds, GICs, Mutual Funds, and Saving Accounts. You set your ROI.
  • Less Volatile and More Predictable – No ups and downs. Stable, reliable monthly income paid directly from the borrower to the investor. Fixed rate, 1 year term, open or closed (3-month payout penalty), payable on the 1st or 15th. Interest only or amortizing. Renewal subject to investor discretion.
  • Easy – Hands-free, passive real estate investment. All management of mortgages may be handled by MortgagePro Ltd. including the collection of arrears, renewals, and other documentation. No investment background is required. All fees paid by the borrower. (We do not provide mortgage administration.)


Our professional underwriting includes an objective review of these 5 key criteria to determine creditworthiness.

  • Credit Credit history and overall behavior
  • Collateral Marketability of the property or properties
  • Capacity Affordability or Debt Service Ratio (DSCR)
  • Capital Equity or Loan to Value (LTV)
  • Conditions Purpose of the loan and exit strategy


Enjoy the benefits of the lucrative private lending industry. If you are interested in investing, contact us. We welcome all levels of investing experience.

  • Register – We will walk you through our process and establish your lending criteria.
  • Review – When a deal is available, we will send you a comprehensive package to review.
  • Approve – Once approved by you, your lawyer will complete mortgage conveyancing and you begin collecting/depositing your payments.

Ready to get started and use our services? Contact us, we look forward to investing with you!