Real Private Lender Inc.

In lender, mortgage, private mortgages by Zoltan Padar

Private Lender Inc, powered by our licensed Brokerage, MortgagePRO Ltd.
We are REAL Private Lenders, not a MIC. Our funds are not restricted to government regulations or an Offering Memorandum.

We follow common sense guidelines and decisions are controlled directly by our founder Zoltan Padar, a Broker and Investor for over two decades. Additionally, we have Private Individual Investors funding difficult mortgages, Brokered by MortgagePRO Ltd.

  • Credit – We have no minimum credit requirements.
  • Capital – We can lend up to 85% LTV. (some cases up to 90%)
  • Collateral – The property must be marketable, location acceptable. (some rural OK)
  • Capacity – The client must show affordability. We may implement an interest reserve or reduced LTV.
  • Conditions/Exit – The new mortgage must improve the client’s financial well-being. Additionally, the exit must be reasonable and ideally within 1-2 years.

Our many years of experience in the private lending industry well qualified Us to help our Broker Friends to show the best way how to submit a deal to a Private Lender!