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Second mortgages to pay out bankruptcy or consumer proposal!

In mortgage by Zoltan Padar

Fixing Your credit should be a priority!

For some of us, pandemic related loss of income, or health matter was the tipping point to bankruptcy. While a bankruptcy or consumer proposal may have released you from some debt obligations, if that income is not readily replaced, or health has not yet improved, you find yourself at the bottom of yet another hill. Accessing your home equity may seem like the answer to your cash-flow problems, but access has been cut off by the banks who do not deem you eligible for their lending criteria.

This is where private lenders come in. MortgagePRO Ltd. Power by Private Lender Inc. focuses on the equity in the property and less on credit history / income types. Private Lender’s mortgage options such as prepaid 2nd mortgages can be the cash-flow bridge you need until you can get back on your feet or can meet the credit criteria of the traditional lenders.

If you are not yet discharged, we still have options for you! 

We will pay out bankruptcy obligations and consumer proposal balances from proceeds, bringing your goal of great financial well being even closer.

Contact me today to find out if a short-term private mortgage is right for you. Ask about pre-paid loans, and other flexible lending options for you to repair your bruised credit and in due time return to bankable position.

Providing basic information to start up a Free consultation process is only the beginning. With our professionals helping Canadians for decades, You are in good hands.

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