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Zoltan M. Pedar President

Zoltan M. Padar


"Being associated with the best professionals in the industry helped us to the top, thank you!"

Joe Czentye Vice President

Konstantin Kuligin

VP Lenders

"We aligned ourselves with the most experienced Associates, to ensure we will be able to assist you in the way you deserve."

We are in the business to lend you money no matter what your needs are

We specialize in private mortgage lending, investing our own and many of our private investor funds into mortgages. Private Lender Inc. helps "hard to approve" applicants obtain mortgages. We have a variety of options available for you and can often have you approved in 24 hours.

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Borrowing Money

When you have been turned down by the banks, Private Lender Inc. will provide you with a short term, temporary solution while we work with you to find a permanent, low interest, institutional lender.

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Lending Money

Investing in private mortgages provides a regular income stream, tangible security and a real return that is superior to bank deposits, GICs and bonds.
Open market for private mortgages:
Visit us at: Blog:Smart Investor retires early!

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Mortgage Brokers

We are private lenders, lending our own funds and providing our investors with funding opportunities across Canada! Our head office in Calgary. As licensed mortgage brokers working through MortgagePRO Ltd.

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For Details CONTACT US : 540 - 2710 17 Ave, SE, Calgary AB. T2A 0P6 Canada

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